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Production & Engineering

We don’t just record your songs, we help sculpt your performances and grow your ideas

Mixing & Mastering

The detail, wax and polish to take your project from a recording to a record

Foley & Sound Design

Create original sound effects and get your project sounding like a feature film


Whether you’re almost done or starting from scratch, we can fill in the gaps

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About Beatnick Sound

Beatnick Sound is an audio production studio located in Satellite Beach Florida, just one hour east of Orlando in Brevard County. With years of first hand experience in music production/performance, engineering, songwriting, mixing/mastering and within the music industry in general, Beatnick aims to offer you the highest quality audio services and recording experience.
While actively writing for, producing, and performing in numerous bands for eight years, owner Nick Benik began pursuing and learning about a career in the recording arts. Primarily a percussionist, Nick developed a knack for production while doing studio drum work, songwriting and digital audio editing for various producers (including Aaron Accetta and Shep Goodman) on projects for artists such as James Garfunkel, Forever the Sickest Kids, Late Nite Reading and Tiffany Giardina. In the fall of 2009 he attended SAE Institute in New York City earning his Audio Engineering degree and graduated at the top of his class. Shortly after deciding to relocate back to his hometown of Melbourne Florida, Nick created Beatnick Sound. The following year, he was nominated for SAE’s Mixer of the Year award amongst grammy winning alumni.
With his honest, creative approach to recording/sound production and his relentless drive, Nick has developed a professional music production outlet in Central Florida that can coexist with today’s ever-changing music industry. Specializing in mixing, Nick is able to pull together an incredible finished product even with a sub-par recording done elsewhere.

"I know what it's like to be in a situation as a band or artist where you feel you've got something great, but all you need is some guidance, honesty, and hard work from the person you've trusted to help get you to the next level. My mission is to show people that this is still possible and affordable. Here at Beatnick Sound, I am committed to helping artists grow and feel completely confident in their product."
- Nick Benik (Owner)

Meet the Team

Beatnick Sound Nick Benik

Nick Benik

Producer, Mixer & Session Drummer

Nick is an SAE (www.sae.edu) graduate specializing in production, engineering and mixing, while also providing his skills as a session percussionist and part time videographer.

Beatnick Sound Stuart Richardson

Stuart Richardson

Producer, Mixer & Session Player

Stuart is an experienced producer, mixer and musician formerly of Lostprophets and current member of his new band No Devotion.

Attention to Every Sonic Detail

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Rates & Packages

Hourly Package


  • Per Hour
  • Any Type of Tracking
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Access To All Gear
  • *Does Not Include Mix/Master

Daily Package


  • Per Day
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Access To All Gear
  • Up to 8 hrs Per Day
  • *Does Not Include Mix/Master



  • Per Song
  • General Editing
  • Beat Detection/Samples
  • Vocal Alignment/Tuning
  • Quantization
  • Final Mastering

Production Package


  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Session Players Provided
  • Access to All Gear
  • Edit/Mix/Master

One Month Lockout

Contact for Price

  • Includes: Pre-Production, Production, Engineering, All Editing, Mixing/Mastering and Up to 10 hrs/day

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If you’re interested but still have some questions or would like to discuss project details, dates, accomodations, etc, please send us a detailed message including all of your contact information.